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On this demo you'll hear a range of reads, just as you'd expect from this

diverse list of products...

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is Warm and Responsible . . . The Putt is Close and Confidential . . . Red Lobster sets the table for a Cozy Night out. . . . Giant Eagle Food Perks is Direct, Upbeat and Friendly . . . Scott's Turf Builder is The Guy Next Door on a mission . . . Pogans Cookies is Upfront, Fun and Personal . . .and ESPN  is Sports Big!



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Training, Tutorials, audio books, Industrials, Corporate and Flash



From the video postcard depiction of Devonshire on the Park... to business

applications outlined in this employee orientation for Remley Software.

The tone is focused on the purpose and appropriate expression for each of

these corporate and educational messages.  From Graphic Goo to Visa Card.



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ESPN Radio - NBC 7  San Diego - KOVR-TV Sacramento - KOIN-TV Portland OR -  WAGT-TV Augusta GA - WOWK-TV Huntington WV - KVIA-TV El Paso TX -  KTWO Radio- Casper WY - The Peters Group San Diego (Broadcast Consultants) -  The Donahue Show - Multimedia Productions NY - (Past and present)



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"Dennis is one of the premier voices in Southern California for instruction and training..."

Friendly, clear, and motivating.  Dennis is best at communicating to the

individual who's trying to learn, but needs a "friend" who takes the time

and care to make it plain.

In the demo: Intel Microprocessors, Caterpillar Tractor, Washington Mutual, Mutsubishi Motors, Your Brain - an audio book.


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Natural, unforced changes in tone, and pace make the listening experience

interesting for the listener.  You can tell when a reader really isn't into the story he's telling.


Sample these: "The Hero of Cape Lonely Light" read by Dennis Regan, winner

of the AudioFile "Earphones" award and Audies Award Finalist.


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Direct response advertising requires both attention grabbing force along with clarity and urgency.


This demo includes:

Piano Wizard

Free Sex Offender Alert

Matrix Direct Insurance.



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